FAA Regulation

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Aircraft and Pilot Certification are vital design considerations for Cargo UAVs.

The global authority on airline safety, the United States Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) is currently using regulation Part 107 for all regulations pertaining to unmanned aircraft. Unmanned aircraft that are not used for commercial applications and for hire are considered recreational and are not required to conform to Part 107 of the FARS. All commercial unmanned aircraft however, will be treated as if they are manned and therefore must conform to those regulations as set out in Part 107. Important considerations include:

  1. All commercial for, “hire” UAVs require to be certified and the pilot must also possess a special UAS License.

  2. The present challenge for the FAA is control of the airspace for those who do not adhere to the regulations. Penalties have been put in place to deal with those who break the rules.

  3. Sky Canoe has been designed by pilots who fly and have built their own manned aircraft and are fully aware of the processes that are in place to certify and register a commercial unmanned aircraft.

Learn more about unmanned aircraft rules from following the FAA web site at,  www.faa.gov/uas


SKY CANOE has safety and FAA compliance embedded into our design DNA.

Sky Canoe's design is the result of hand-on experience with FAA requirements, and has designed an unmanned aircraft that behaves much like a “real” aircraft with radar, TCAS, AWAS, ASD-B, gas electric hybrid propulsion and discrete frequency communications. Dale George, founder and lead designer of Sky Canoe Inc., is working with Mr. Earl Lawrence, Director of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) at the FAA to ensure SkyCanoe is a model of UAV safety.

Sky Canoe goes beyond compliance and is seeking to define best-practices in UAV safety and certification. Our UAV truly does everything a normal aircraft can, simply without a pilot’s seat. An innovative approach to software and systems integration has helped our design resolve the practical and regulatory challenges that are currently preventing cargo drones from being a mainstream phenomenon. This goes beyond our UAV unit itself to include a highly innovative, patented mobile terminal-to-terminal design, cargo handling system and UTIS (Unmanned Traffic Integration System). For more details about our FAA compliance work, UAV design or UTIS please contact us.

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