A message from the president. 

I have a natural fascination with all things mechanical and in particular with things that fly. Some of my fondest memories are of taking my toys apart to see what made them work. As I grew older I was building my own toys and eventually products that would define entire industries. I strongly believe if you are to be successful, you need to experience things first hand and not be afraid to take some risks.

I find it strange that, in some cases, companies have people working on projects with little or no real-life experience of the problems they are trying to solve.  First-hand experience is a vital resource for discovery and innovation. I can for instance remember talking to JPL and NASA about flying over Mars after their rover got stuck. At first they thought it was a crazy idea but later I worked with them on the Aerover Blimp project.

Its amazing how aviation has changed over the years and how Ai technology is now a big part of our lives. Unmanned aircraft designers are looking at ways to solve all kinds of problems, from surveillance on congested highways, to agricultural sustainability, to providing remote communities with vital supplies. Everyone at Sky Canoe is a part of this growing industry and I will do my best to encourage all those who wish to join us to be a part of a better future for all.

- Dale George, Founder