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Sky Canoe and NNLP announce partnership

We are pleased to announce that Noozhoo Nokiiyan Limited Partnership (“NNLP”) has invested in Sky Canoe Inc. NNLP is a partnership formed between Noozhoo Nokiiyan GP Inc. and Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (“MSIFN”) for economic development purposes. Highlights of the agreement include NNLP having at least one seat on Sky Canoe’s board of directors, the creation of employment and education opportunities for MSIFN members and the surrounding community, and the construction of a production and training facility on MSIFN lands which will also house Sky Canoe’s new corporate head office.

Moreover, MSIFN's and NNLP will now help guide Sky Canoe, ensuring we reach our true potential as a Company that will benefit people and planet. In partnership with NNLP, we will live out our maxim that "doing good is good for business." Sky Canoe is honoured to receive this investment, and is looking to the future with confidence.

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