Sky Canoe will create new markets, improve lives and reduce emissions. 


A Canadian Company

SKY CANOE is a Canadian company producing of the world's most advanced autonomous, zero-emissions, long range cargo aircraft. Our unique design includes a new approach to VTOL with our Sequential Vectoring Thrust®, innovative micro-infrastructure and an operational approach designed from day one with safety and regulations in mind. In addition to engineering innovation, our work has a special focus on sustainability, safety and regulatory compliance. Sky Canoe will use only clean technologies and aims to be the world’s first Zero Carbon emission cargo freight UAV. 


Design Innovation Through Experience

Sky Canoe has been born out of a deep experience piloting aircraft and managing logistics in some of the world's toughest environments, from Sub-Saharan Africa to Canada's north.  Designer and pilot Dale George has logged tens of thousands of hours in the sky, and has worked on a variety of innovative design projects including at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab.

The World's Strongest, Smartest Autonomous Aircraft System

Sky Canoe mixes cutting edge systems and software with a fundamental breakthrough in aviation inspired by 40 years of flight experience. Sky Canoe flies longer, carries more, can manage bad weather and utilizes a sophisticated terminal-to-terminal system which will be FAA compliant and ensure both safety and security.

Safety & Regulation

Sky Canoe's design is the result of hands-on experience with FAA requirements, and has designed an unmanned aircraft that behaves  like a “real” aircraft with radar, TCAS, AWAS, ASD-B, and discrete frequency communications. Sky Canoe goes beyond compliance and is seeking to define best-practices in safety and certification.

  • 40 years of aeronautical experience designing, testing and piloting real aircraft.

  • Visionary, integrated systems-based approach to light cargo handling and UTIS (Unmanned Traffic Integration System).

  • A fundamental breakthrough in aviation through our new VTOL, fixed-wing autonomous aircraft design.

  • Patents pending through Gowling WLG, one of the world's foremost design and patent law firms.

  • SkyCanoe will positively disrupt how goods are moved in a way that benefits people and planet. 

The future of light cargo is here. 

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