Sky Canoe offers customers and communities a safer, less expensive and cleaner way to move light cargo. 

Sky Canoe  believes in the power of technology and business to solve urgent human problems.  We have assembled a global team with experience in business, finance and regulatory compliance who have over 40 years experience building and flying aircraft. We have produced a patent-pending breakthrough in aviation,  unrivaled in its efficiency, safety and compliance . We will mainstream zero-emissions light cargo transport, saving our customers money and catalyzing economic development in remote areas. 


For us, drone delivery is about more than efficiency. It is a about solving human problems of connectivity and development. 

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Founder Dale George (Pictured, left) started his career flying to remote First Nations communities in Canada's north. Throughout his career of innovative aeospace design, which has taken him to Asia, Latin America and the USA, he never forgot his friends and mentors in the North. SkyCanoe is more than a drone design: it is a cargo solution for all those around the world who suffer from lack of development, connectivity and access to the global economy.

Sky Canoe is a Canadian light cargo aircraft production company using autonomous and electric technology. 
Our team, design approach and air safety compliance all reflect our relentless commitment to innovative yet practical autonomous light aircraft design and operation.


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